Tobacco Flavors


Tobacco flavors, specific to all derivatives of tobacco including Casings, .Top Flavor, and Building Blocks

اسانس تنباکو

We distinguish between three different types of Products:

Casings (Tobacco‐sauces): For centuries already, tobacco sauces are used to keep the tobacco humid and to eliminate the scratching in the throat. Tobacco sauces are as old as tobacco smoking! It was mainly the sailors who humidified the tobacco with Fig or Plum Juice. There is even an anecdote, which says that once upon a time one of the workers pissed over the tobacco leaves and the result was to become a famous tobacco from America! Today a casing could look as follows:

Casing 900

Extract 90

Building Block 1

Sugar Syrup 9

Top flavor: Top flavor doesn’t mean that they are our top selling flavors, but that they are added to the tobacco at the end of the whole process in order to give a distinctive and pleasant smoke, odor and taste. For that legions of tobacco flavorists play around with flavors (building blocks) in order to achieve the ultimate sensation when a cigarette or pipe‐tobacco is being smoked. We know of a case where a tobacco flavorist used 14 different flavors in order to obtain the desired flavor.

Building Blocks: Admittedly, to combine 14 different flavors to a single one in order to achieve the desired result my by a singular case, but nevertheless it shows that creativity doesn’t know any boundaries. Therefore we have put together a whole range of building blocks which we consider to be important tools a tobacco flavorist surely likes to play around with. If we cannot sell a finished flavor to a tobacco company because they have their own development department, at least we can sell building blocks.

And that is how a final formula could look like:

Top Flavor I: 500

Top flavor II: 490

 Building Block I: 1

Building Block II: 9

A last word about the Tobacco flavorist who took 14 flavors to reach his goal. Most of the flavors he used where normal food flavors, that means nothing special at all. These flavors could just as will have been used for flavoring an Ice Cream, a Hard‐boiled Candy or a jelly! So if a tobacco flavorist is looking for a fruity note, he may just as well take a strawberry or raspberry flavor!