Savory Flavors

As flavors for processed food, soups, snacks and chips, nuts and dried fruits, meat, fish, cheese, buttermilk, flavors for sauces, salads, spices, pickles, salted and so on.

اسانس شکلات و شیرینی جات

There is hardly a domain within the food industry, where so many different flavor systems are being used as in the Savory Industry. Already nobody knows exactly how to call the totality of the industry which manufacturers everything except sweets. Basically there are five sub‐domains more or less clearly defined:

Condiments e.g. Maggi, Mustard, Ketchup, Mayonnaise

Convenience e.g. Ready Meals, Pizza, Soups,

Meat e.g. Sausages, Ham, Pate

Pickles e.g. Gherkins, Onions, Green Chilies, Vegetables

Snacks e.g. Chips, Crackers and extruded Snacks

Did we forget to mention an important part of it? We wouldn’t be surprised.

The same applies to the flavors. Take Dill as an example: A Dill flavor can be derived from Dill no matter whether made from an essential oil, an oleoresin, both or from key‐ingredients found in Dill. However, a Dill Flavor can also be a combination of different spices and in fact is meant to be used in a Dill Sauce. With this in mind we have classified our products accordingly. In the first case ours would be called a Dill flavor and in the second case a Dill Spice Mix Flavor.

Flavor: Can be a natural or nature‐identical flavor. If a spice oil has been diluted with a solvent, we also call it flavor. Often we also list this products under the title Building Block or flavor System since it may well be used in combination with other Building Blocks or flavor System in order to give a final product. However, the essential oil or flavor of a well-defined single spice has been listed in the sector Essential Oils starting from page 88pp.

Seasoning: Mixes of different spices (without or with solvent) are listed in this section.

Condiment Flavor: Good question! What is a condiment? Take a spice or spice‐mixture, add Salt, hydrolyzed vegetable proteins (HVP), yeast extract and flavor enhancers like Ribotide to it and you have a condiment flavor. As a rule, condiments have no specific flavor and are used to enhance the food you eat in a very general manner.

Special names have been given to the following Condiments:

Sausage Flavor: These are condiments for sausages such as Frankfurter, Salami, Mortadella and etc.

Snack flavor: These are condiments for snacks.

Savory flavor: Oh God, another word to explain. Unless you take the Oxford Concise Dictionary, seasonings, condiment and savory seems to be pretty much the same. But since we like to classify everything in order to have a clear idea of what we offer, a savory flavor consists more or less of the same ingredients like a condiment, except that it displays a distinctive aroma profile, e.g. mutton, roast beef, lean chicken meat etc.