Dairy Flavors

Dairy flavors for ice cream, ice cream coatings and sauces, milk, fruit yogurt, dessert, pudding, soy milk, cheese, butter, margarine, and so on.

اسانس لبنیات

Nothing prevents a manufacturer of Dairy‐ and Frozen Products to use a beverage essence in a Water‐Ice or Ice Cream, which usually is being used in a clear Lemonade (Sector B). This is true with flavors for general applications (Sector H), Compounds (Sector B) or even Pastry Flavors (Sector E) as well.

Nevertheless, in the early 70, so‐called Aromes naturels renforcés, which in France were allowed to be used in flavored yoghurt as natural flavors, made its’ way throughout the world as the most ideal flavors for this type of application. Because they contained approx. 40% fruit‐content and a nature‐identical flavor of 0.2% as a reinforcement, they displayed a rounded‐off flavor at a dosage of 1 kilo to 100 kilos of finished product. The fruit‐content made the flavor more natural, and the nature‐identical flavor of 0.2% added flavor which normally is being lost in concentrated fruit‐juices.

This tradition we have continued except that we call the flavor by its name that is nature identical!