Confectionery and Sweets Flavors

Flavors for sweet goods such as chocolate, confectionery, gum, candy, pastilles and other sweet products.

اسانس شکلات و شیرینی جات

Preamble: Actually, the flavors listed here could also have been listed in Sector H (flavors for general applications), but then the concept of dividing this Product List into application‐ and product domains would not have been consequent.

Confectionery: So what we have done, was to choose only those flavors which have shown excellent performance in Confectionery products. However, if you don’t find the flavor you are looking for, you can still look under Section H which we also like to call Fund Sector! Flavors in this Sector as well as in Sector H are also called 1:1’000 flavors since they have reference to the dosage indication 1 gram to a 100 grams of finished product or 0.1%.

Special considerations have to be taken in following applications:

Fat-bases: In Fillings (up to 70% Fat) with a high content of Fat water‐soluble flavors may not be the answer. Here you have to take oil‐soluble or powdered flavors in order to guarantee a good performance of the flavor.

Chewing Gum: Special attention has to be paid to the solvent(s) used in the flavor. Some solvents may adversely affect the elasticity of the gum base. Since the dosage in Chewing Gum is exceptionally high, e.g. 8 to 10 times higher than in hardboiled sweets, use a concentrated flavor with as little solvent as possible. Good performance have been achieved by using Terpenes as solvent!

Chocolate: If you try to flavor a chocolate by using a flavor having a dosage indication of 100 to 200 grams per 100 kilos of finished product, the texture of the chocolate will most likely be affected in an irreparable way. Use a stronger flavor (e.g. 50 grams per 100 kilo) or a spray‐dried flavor.