Beverage Flavors

The group contains flavors such as fruit juices, flavors for soft drinks, beer flavors, flavors for energy drinks, sports drinks, enriched drinks, tea flavors, coffee flavors, instant drinks, medicines and drugs, and etc.

اسانس نوشیدنی

The most important benefits beverage flavors for non‐alcoholic Beverage must have, are depending on the ultimate product the following:

Clear drink

No ring‐formation

No or very little sedimentation

No or only slow discoloration

No or only slow oxidation

Of course, changes which gradually will take place can never be wholly eliminated, especially when the manufacturer of such products does not adhere to some fundamental rules. These can be:

Inferior quality of the water

Exposure to direct sun‐light

And a flavor can be the cause of a bad quality of the final product: if the bottles are not stored according to the recommendations we give

Soluble Essence: For clear lemonades, especially the citrus flavored ones, Wash’s have proven to be the most ideal kind of product, because they guarantee a maximum on solubility and a minimum on oxidation. Also they display a very good head‐note which is important, because the consumers’ nose is the first to come into contact with the flavor.

Wash = is an essential oil (e.g. Lemon) which has been washed out with a mixture of Ethanol and Water. The Terpenes will stay on the surface whilst the more polar flavoring ingredients will be in the Ethanol/Water mixture.

Top Notes: Normally Top Notes are highly concentrated essential oils, which are added in minute amounts to the syrup in order give a special twist. However, care has to be taken, when using a top note flavor. We recommend to prepare a 5% solution in ethanol first and then add to the syrup (approx. 0.1%), since the pure product is highly concentrated (0.005%) and therefore difficult to disperse.

Compounds (Emulsions): May contain a certain amount of juice or will yield a cloudy beverage simulating the presence of juice in the final drink. Most of them already have the right amount of color, making it easier for the manufacturer not to be bothered to handle it separately.