Bakery and Pastry Flavors

flavors specific for baking, bread, bakery flavors, pastry flavors, cakes and all the various classes related to consumer-related industries of bread and cookies.

اسانس نان و اسانس کیک

Bakery Flavors: The most important benefits flavors for Bakery Products must have are as follows:


Compatible with the Fat part of the product

Easier said than done! A lot of manufacturers which in some way or another are linked with the bakery‐ and pastry industry, have invested a lot of money into the research for maintaining a good flavor impact despite the high oven‐temperatures involved. Especially flavor houses have sought solutions to make flavors heat‐stable.

The easiest way to compensate the loss of flavor when heated, was the recommendation to increase the dosage, which the customer didn’t anticipate since he was paying for the flavor. Then the flavors were offered in a more concentrated form which the customer still didn’t like since he had to pay more for a more concentrated flavor.

The research for heat‐stable flavors went on, especially when micro‐wave ovens became popular and could be found in every household. Today we have to kinds of flavors which are recommended for this application:

Encapsulation: The flavor is encapsulated in a carrier e.g. Gelatin and is released after a certain delay, thus surviving the baking process.

Precursors: When you put a batter or loaf of meat into the oven and heat it up, new flavors will emerge which are being developed during the baking process. Responsible for this are a number of precursors already in the batter and meat which with the help of heat will display fantastic flavors like freshly baked bread, meat‐crust etc. Modern flavors for the baking industry contain such precursors already and similar to the natural baking process will display the final flavor only after the baking or cooking process.

Pastry Flavors: Historically it was like this: The pastry‐cook could never have coped with measuring minute amounts of flavor for the limited number of pastries he made every day. Therefore a practically not very concentrated flavor‐paste in a convenient bottle or flask was the ideal tool for him. A few splashes of the flavor in a batter or pudding was all he wanted. For this purpose our pastry flavors are the ideal products for the pastry industry. However, in the late 60, especially the supermarkets began to mass‐produce bread and pastry products in order to satisfy the huge demand of all subsidiaries. For this type of production the measuring of splashes out of a bottle belonged to the past. But since pastry‐shops and bakeries still exist, you will find both types of flavor in this sector.