About Swissarom


With more than half a century professional experience of noble names in the flavor industry of Switzerland, Swissarom was established. Having the practical knowledge in production of flavors, extracts and related products, Swissarom was able to find its position among top European brands. In a short period of time, this led to not solely gaining a noticeable market share in European and African countries, but also making Swissarom a research and consultation center for many multinational organization in the food and beverage industry. While our European and African market was developing, Swissarom research and development division was keen to enter East Asia. Following this passion, Swissarom got privileged to become one of the prominent producer of flavors special to East Asia. Next, According to strategies and development plans, our products was introduced in the Middle East, in the previous years.

بطری اسانس
آزمایشگاه تولید اسانس
ساختمان اداری اسانس

Due to noticeable position of Islamic republic of Iran in the area, wide range of Swissarom’s products is provided for Iran’s market. The flavors could be categorized in to five applications:

Confectionery and Sweets

Bakery and Pastry




Savory / Umami

It should be mentioned that in accordance to the diversity of taste, and depending on the application and conditions of usage, each of the mentioned group is divided to several subgroups with various tastes and odors. This is to meet all the needs and curiosity of our diverse customers.

Our perspective is to satisfy every flavor related expectations of our loyal customer’s while attracting new customers. This belief has been leading us to provide vast variety of high quality products, living up to Switzerland’s name, being a reason for everyday growth of our customer list, all around the globe.

We like to summarize Swissarom’s vision in “creating imminent flavors”. Hence, by accruing and training elite flavorists and chemists, we have put ourselves among the top providers. Moreover, hiring local experts in each of our territories, and consulting them in the process of examining local offers to shaping the final product, is an old habit for Swissarom. This trend, undeniably would promote local knowledge.