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Which flavor is best for a given application is certainly not easy to answer! And looking at the large number of commercially available flavors does not exactly help to find an easy answer. Being in the flavor business for ages already, our technical people tell us: “The only rule about flavors is that there are no rules at all!” Too different and too individual are the demands from the industry and equally vague are the imaginations of the flavor people, how the physical appearance of a flavor has to be in order to provide the best possible performance.

مصارف اسانس خوراکی

From North to South

Let’s Talk about essence

When we started bringing order into our flavor library we divided our Product List into application‐ and product domains, simply because we wanted to avoid, that the same product would appear more than once in our list. If for instance you don’t find a flavor in the application domain you are interested in, watch out for the links we have put down in our Tips for…!

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Form Hundreds of Flavors